Monday Morning Offering: 4/13

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Still got good old doubtin' Thomas on my mind 
from yesterday's Mass,  Lord...

You know better than I, Lord,
that there times when I doubt, too,
but also times when,  
without a doubt, 
I believe

No matter how cold or snowy the winter may be,
no matter how long it seems to drag on,
I do, without a doubt, believe
that spring will come
to warm the chill deep in my bones…

No matter how long, how dark the night,
no matter how frightening my dreams,
I do, without a doubt, believe
a new day will dawn
with hope for a new beginning…

No matter how difficult things may be,
no matter how lonely or alone I feel,
I do, without a doubt, believe
my friends will see me through
until better times are mine...

No matter how hurt,
no matter how broken my heart,
I do, without a doubt, believe
that as others’ hearts are mended
so, too, will my heart have its turn…

No matter how conflicted,
how confused I might be,
I do, without a doubt, believe
there’s a wisdom, a light, a path to truth:
a path I seek and want to walk…

If, Lord, without a doubt, I trust
the seasons, the sun and the moon,
my friends, my heart’s resiliency
and my search for what is true --
then why do I sometimes doubt:
that you are there, before me;
that you are here, beside me;
that you are here for me
and I can safely put my life into your hands?

This morning, Lord, I offer my need
to believe in you, without a doubt,
to trust in you, without a doubt
and to have faith in you, without a doubt...

Help me believe that you're the Lord
of all the seasons of my heart,
that on every day, in any month,
without a doubt,
you offer me a springtime of hope…

Help me trust that you are Lord
of all my days and nights,
that in every hour, in every moment,
without a doubt,
you offer me, again, a fresh beginning,
a new start,
another opportunity...

Give me faith that you are Lord
over all my fears and struggles,
that through every problem I face
you are without a doubt,
my brother, friend and savior…

Help me believe that you are Lord
of my heart and all its needs,
that all my hurt and brokenness will,
without a doubt, heal 
at your hand’s gentle touch…

Help me trust that you are Lord
of all my imagination and desires,
that in your wisdom rests,
without a doubt,
the truth I seek, the truth to set me free…

Help me be not mistrusting but trusting, Lord…

Help me be not unfaithful but faithful…

Help me be not unbelieving but believing…

I believe, Lord,
help my unbelief…

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