Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 4/10

What's gonna be the boss of me today, Lord?
    my schedule? the past?  anxiety?  boredom?
    fear? fantasy?  others' expectations?  pleasure?
    my work? self-doubt?  routine? a relationship?
    food or drink? guilt?  debt?  laziness? loneliness?
    shame?  grudges and resentments?

I've got a lot of bosses, Lord, and just as many masters:
   free me from working for any
      who keep me from serving you;
   keep me from laboring for those
      who can't help make me whole...
   free me from plugging away
      for what can't bring me peace...

Be the boss of me today, Lord:
  let faithfulness be my supervisor;
  honesty, my manager;
  justice, my director;
  and charity my overseer...

Be the boss of my life today, Lord:
   the master of my words and deeds
      and of all my heart's desires...


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