Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 4/18

Embrace by Ruth Councell

Held in arms that don't let go

To be found by eyes seeking mine...
to be recognized for who I truly am...
to be known and called by name...
to be loved -- no strings attached...
to be freely, fully forgiven...
to be embraced with warmth
and held in arms that don't let go:
who among us fails to long
for such a love?

In so many different ways
(some obvious, some subtle)
we desire just this kind of love:
we thirst for it and drink it in
or sometimes (all too often)
when it comes within arms' reach,
we deny it and discard it
in our hesitating fear and doubt...

And yet, we'll seek it once again
and then again, always searching for the One
whose arms will hold us close
and not let go...

Every faithful friend's embrace,
every longed-for lover's clutch
at times will weaken and let go --
all save the arms of One
whose strength will never tire,
whose love is everlasting,
who forgets us not
though we so often easily forget
this love for us more perfect
than any we had dreamed
or hoped or prayed...

Every healing hug around our hearts
is but a shadow and a promise
of the love we seek again and yet again
until we're held in arms
that will never let us go...

Our hearts are restless,
oh, so very restless, Lord,
until they rest in you...

Image by Evelyn Williams

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