Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 4/26

Good Shepherd by Ilse Kleyn

I was searching for art for Good Shepherd Sunday and came across this contemporary work by Ilse Kleyn.  My first thought was of a FaceBook friend who regularly posts photos of himself and his young son.  It's clear from his posts that Greg is shepherding his boy through the early years of life with love, devotion, strength, protection - and pure joy: a good shepherd!  I then began to think of the many "good shepherds" in all of our lives who guide us, guard us and keep us safe and on the right path.  Thus, today's Pause for Prayer...

Good Shepherd of us all,
I thank you today for all the good shepherds in my life
and for all the ways you've shepherded me
through their love, their watchful presence,
their devotion and protection...

I thank you for my parents, my first shepherds,
for their protection and the shelter of their love,
for all they sacrificed for me
to help me grow...

I thank you for the shepherds
who taught me, who counseled and directed me,
who shaped me and helped me to become
the person I am today...

I thank you for the shepherds
in my family and all my friends
who comfort me and challenge me,
who dry my tears and make me laugh,
who stay close by my side...

I thank you for shepherds
whose names I do not know, who stand in harm's way
'round my town and 'round the world,
keeping vigil through the night to keep me safe,
standing guard that I might sleep without a worry...

I thank you for the shepherds you've called home,
especially those gone much too soon,
whose gentle shepherd's crook I miss,
whose presence still abides within my heart...

I thank you for the shepherds
who remember me in prayer,
who keep me in the sheepfold of your grace,
lifting up my name and needs to you,
my good and gentle shepherd,
Good Shepherd of us all...


Good Shepherd Sunday by austin fleming on Grooveshark


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