Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 5/3

May 3 but there's still some snow on the edge of my parking lot!

Forty-four days into spring, Lord:
it's now the first weekend in May
and there's still some snow in my yard...

It's almost all gone
but there's some 'round the edges
in spite of the sun
and the calendar's date...

Take the last of it, Lord,
and oh, while you're at it:
would you melt any ice
'round the edge of my heart
and thaw any frost
still chilling my soul?

Help me let go
my cold resentments,
let my grudges dissolve
in mercy's warmth
and a season of grace rise up...

Let no trace of winter remain, Lord:
let the beauty of spring
and the promise of summer
refresh my spirit in grace...



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