Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/12

(Sometimes I repeat a post because I haven't had time to write a new one...  And sometimes I repeat a post because it's just what I need to pray right now...  And that's the case today!)

Take me as I am, Lord:
   not as I pretend to be
   or wish I were -
   but as I am, just as I am...

Summon out what I shall be:
   keep me from hiding,
   keep me from dragging my feet
   in becoming the person you call me to be...

Set your seal upon my heart, Lord:
   mark me as your own,
   brand me with your love,
   claim my soul - and sign it with your name...

Live in me today, Lord:
   in all my thoughts and words and deeds,
   at home, at work, at rest, at play,
   in every step I take...

Take me as I am, Lord,
summon out what I shall be,
set your seal upon my heart
and live in me...

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