Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/26

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When I can't stop the merry-go-round on my own,
   then please, Lord: slow me down!

When my ears and my mind,
 when all of me's filled up with noise and commotion,
then slow me down, Lord, and show me
   a path to a quiet place...

When I'm standing still, going 60 inside,
   put the brakes on till I come to a stop by your side,
where at last I might hear my own breathing
      and the breath of your Spirit within me...

Help me make the time to find the calm,
   the quiet I need to hear the birds sing,
      the tide come in, the sun rise up
         and the moon wax full in the night...

Bring me to a quiet place, Lord,
   wherever in my day I can find one,
to spend some time just sitting with you,
      at rest in the peace of your arms...

Help me be still, Lord, that I might hear
   your voice, your word, in a whisper
and know in my heart that you are my God,
         always near, always here by my side...



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