Prayer on a rainy day (like today!)

Image by Emma Olsen

Rain, rain...

Lord Jesus,
let your healing soak me
like the rain:
let your mercy be a downpour,
your reign a springtime shower...

Soak me, drench me,
all but drown me!

Leave me dripping
with moist anointings
of your touch:
my toes and every inch of me
cleansed, refreshed and purified...

Lift my face to rejoice
in the rain of your love:
let me drink it in
and drink it down,

Give me the thirst
that only you can quench
and lead me
to a river of your blessings...

Rain, rain,
rain of my Savior:
come today
and never go away...

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  1. I'm a little late on commenting on this post, but I wanted to let you know I think the photo of this little boy is adorable!



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