Word for the Weekend: JUNE 28

Daughter of Jairus by Joseph Brickey
Time to look at the scriptures for this weekend, the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time. You'll find the texts and background material on them here and hints for helping children prepare to hear the Word here.

The first lesson, from the Book of Wisdom, answers the question, "Where did death and other undesirable things come from?" (Hint: not from God!)

The second text, from II Corinthians, contains a number of parallelisms which add a finer literary flair than Paul usually offers us and includes this mysterious verse, almost a riddle: Whoever had much did not have more and whoever had little did not have less.

The gospel is a complex text and there is the option of a shorter version which your priest or deacon might select. The longer version is story of Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead and includes an account of a second healing Jesus performed on the way to Jairus' house.  The shorter version includes only the Jairus story.

To read, study and compare the two versions, click on the first link in the first paragraph above.

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