Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/18

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 It's not that I don't give, Lord
- I just don't give as amply
as I might or could or can
of all I have to share...

Sure, I chip in and "do my part"
especially when I'm sure
there'll be plenty left for me
- no chance that I'll run short...

I give fully from abundance,
less freely from my want:
spare change I give unsparingly
- the folding stuff I hold...

I have more than I need
and when I see what others lack
then I'm troubled and embarrassed
by how much I have to spare...

Help me give until I feel it, Lord,
until I feel the pinch:
in my wallet, in my savings,
in my taking care of me...

Help me really dig down deep
and not just skim from off the top,
help me give until I go without
and learn how others live...

Help me give until I feel it,
until I feel the pinch,
giving heartily and selflessly
as you, Lord, give to me...



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