Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/14

Whatever you ask of me today, Lord,
   I know it's going to be something simple:
as simple as your asking every day*
   that I  do what's just, love what's good
      and walk humbly by your side...

Simple enough, Lord!

So, please don't let me screw this up
   by complicating the simple,
   over-thinking the obvious,
   and worrying about the small stuff...

Help me keep it simple, Lord,
   as simple as you ask,
   as simple as can be...




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  1. Yeah, but tonight you're facing a huge hostile crowd who will throw tomatoes at you and chase you to the beach. (Just kidding, looking forward to meeting you in person.)

  2. Thanks for the warning, Faith! :-)


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!