Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/7

If even for a few minutes, Lord,
I could see as you see...

If only for a few moments
I could see into others' souls
as you do...

If only I could peer into other hearts
and see as you see:
through the eyes of love and mercy,
the insight of wisdom and knowledge,
with a healing, gracious gaze... 

If I could see as you do, Lord:
I'd see how heavy weigh the burdens
carried bravely by so many,
in silence - and alone...

I'd see the wounds
that bleed the joy
of those whose hope is wearing thin...

I'd see the reasons
some can't rise to meet the day
and all the problems it might hold...

I'd see the fears
that freeze the steps
some want so much to take...

I'd see the turmoil churning
in the thoughts of those
who can't decide or choose...

I'd see the shame
so many bear
for harm done them by others...

I'd see the sorrow hiding,
masked, behind
a laugh and smile...
I'd see as you see, Lord,
and come at last to see
how truly blind I am...
I'd see in others
what's in me
and learn to see anew...
I'd see as you see, Lord,
and not so swiftly judge
my neighbor's words and deeds...

I'd see as you see, Lord, and pray
that others see the good in me
with all my faults and sins...
I'd see as you see, Lord,
and pardon others
as I pray they'd pardon me...
I'd see as you see, Lord,
and come to know
your heart's keen watch...

I'd see as you see, Lord,
and weep for joy
that I am seen and loved by you...


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  1. That is so lovely! Thank you Father Fleming! God knows all. To know is to understand, to understand is to forgive. God bless you always, Austin, and keep you in His care. Amen

  2. With due respect, "to know is to understand, to understand is to forgive" is not true. I understand some of the reasons that caused priests who were revealed as abusers to act as they do. That understanding does not in itself bring me to forgiveness. The ability to forgive is a grace from God.

    If abuse and deception -- of any kind -- continue, righteous anger is an appropriate emotion. God is merciful, but He also will not be mocked.

    Concord Parishioner


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