Monday Morning Offering: August 10

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

This Monday morning, Lord, I lift up to you
some unfinished business from last week:
   please give me today and in the week ahead
   the time and energy I need
   to get that business done...

I lift up to you
that one person I need to be in touch with:
   please help me make that call, write that letter,
   send that email or get together
   with... well, Lord, you-know-who...

I lift up to you the broken pieces of that situation
(you know this one, too, Lord) and I pray:
   help me this week
   to do the healing and the mending
   I know is mine to do...

I lift up to you, Lord, the debt I owe the poor
- after caring very well for my own wants:
   give me a generous heart to make a gift,
   to write that check,
   in support of those in need...

I lift up to you the time I spent last week
feeling sorry for myself:
   help me be more honest this week
   and not to stew
   and simmer in self-pity...

I lift up to you the work I've left undone
in preparing for my future:
   let me keep it in today, Lord,
   but help me do what I can do
   to be ready for tomorrow...

I lift up to you
the steps I'm slow to take
to move ahead along my path:
   help me take those steps this week
   and begin to make some progress...

I lift up to you everything I've done
to put off the things I need to do, the folks I need to see
and the time I need for prayer:
   help me catch up and complete
   what's gone undone for far too long...

I lift up to you the week just past, Lord,
and pray your mercy on my failings and my faults:
   help me this week to be more faithful
   in doing what you ask of me and all that helps me grow
   in faith and hope and love...



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