Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 8/7

Lord, you are near, 
so very near...

You search my heart, 
inside and out.

You know me better, 
more intimately,
than I know myself.

You know my strengths and my weaknesses,
my truth and my lies,
my reality and fantasy,
my virtues and my sins.

Nothing escapes your soul-piercing gaze.

And yes, there are times 
when I'd gladly flee your scrutiny,
but then, Lord,
where would I go?

No matter now high, how low, 
how far away I might retreat, 
there's no eluding your presence,
your reach, 
your grasp.

Wherever I go, you are there:
before me, 
by my side and behind me,
above and below me.

I fool only myself
when I pretend in the shadows
to hide my own darkness.
In your eyes, Lord,
the night shines as the day, 

Again and again I learn the folly
of running away from you who are there,
everywhere I turn:
all around me
and dwelling deep within me.

I have no reason to fear your pursuit.
Your surveillance is your vigil,
keeping careful watch
over every step I take:
your gentle hand to guide me
and your strong arm to hold me fast
when danger's near and I might fall.

You are so near, Lord,
so very near... 

You search my heart and soul,
you know me oh-so-well!

With thanks and praise
I yield to you
and find my peace
beneath your watchful eye,
within your firm embrace.


I occasionally write for the daily prayer book: Give Us This Day.
My reflection on Psalm 139 (above) appears in the August 2015 edition.



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