Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 8/22

Photo by Bill Tobin

Were you watching, Lord, in early spring,
when Bill planted just a handful
of these morning glory seeds?

Image source

Did you count the falling rain drops
blessing, moistening the earth
where these kernels were interred?

You must have known exactly
how much sun and light and warmth
would bring to life a shoot,
and then another and another,
poking up to stretch and climb,
reaching for the heavens...

And because you knew just when, at last,
a blossom would appear,
you were patient, oh so patient
until morning finally gloried, soft and blue,
in a flower bearing promise on the vine
of others yet to come...

Photo by Bill Tobin

When I'm buried in my troubles, Lord,
send showers of your grace
to quench my thirst for hope...

When I'm shadowed by my fears
then let your light shine warm upon my soul
and open up and bring to life
all you created me to be...

Give me patience with the time it takes
to stretch and reach and grow
until the morning when your glory blooms
within in my heart
and in my thoughts and words and deeds...


Photo by Bill Tobin


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