Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 8/2

Photo by Gates Dupont 7/31/2015

I knew, Lord, not to expect any blue
in Friday night's blue moon
but it was, indeed, a full and brilliant moon,
the second in July...

So this year,
full moons came a baker's dozen:
13 for the price of 12
and none would complain about that...

But I wonder how many of the regular 12
shine bright and full above me,
each and every month,
without my ever taking notice...

On how many days
and how many nights,
am I too busy
to lift my eyes,
to marvel and enjoy
the solar system:
revolving and moving,
sparkling and twinkling,
waxing and waning,
rising and setting:
a light show beyond my dreams
and right in my back yard...

No entrance fee, no charge,
no cost beyond the time it takes
to walk outside
and lift my eyes
in gratitude
and lift my heart
in prayerful thanks
for the universe outside my door
and the light you play upon my life
and on my soul...

Let the 13th moon this year, Lord,
remind me of the other 12
and lead me, at least once a month,
to raise my eyes and heart to you
in praise of all your gifts,
in thanksgiving for your light...



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