Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 8/30

Get right in my face today, Lord,
   and look me in the eye!

Be obvious - not subtle.
Block my path - don't let me miss you.
Speak out loud and not in whispers.

Let me clearly hear your voice
   so I won't miss a word you say...
Grab me by my shoulder
   and point me where you know I need to go...

Give me all the guts and grit I need
   to take the step I need to take,
   to do the next right thing
    - and not look back in doubt and fear...

If I slow down, Lord, or fuss or stall
   then kick me in the butt
   and get me moving once again...

Make a difference in my day, Lord,
   and help me make a difference
      in the lives of those around me.



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