Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 8/20

Seal Cove, Maine: photo by Marshall Neilson

Sometimes I'll see a photo a friend has posted on FaceBook and know immediately that it's the inspiration for my next Pause for Prayer. Thanks, MN!

how great, before the shadows fall,
to row out on the lake with you
and leave on shore the burdens of my day... 

How peaceful, near the end of day, to find
a quiet place with you: the water rocking,
gently lapping at the sides of our small craft...

How soothing to surrender, to let go
my troubles and my fears into your care
for at least one night's safekeeping...

How comforting to watch with you
the glory of a sunset: creation's nod
to rest, to sleep, to calling it a day...

And if no lake or boat's at hand
you'll still be there at sunset, Lord,
to close my day in peace and by your side...

Call me then, to find a quiet place
where I can be with you as one day ends,
before another dawns...



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