Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 8/25

would that I might write a prayer
   to calm the fears of a worried neighbor,
   to light the way for a pal who's lost,
   to restore belief to a doubter's mind,
   to relieve a sister's troubled thoughts,
   to soothe someone in deep distress,
   to heal the wounds of a broken heart,
   to ease the pain of a suffering friend,
   to quicken hope in a desperate soul,
   to wipe away a mourner's tears,
   to lift a buddy's spirits high,
   to fix whatever problem comes...

would that I might write a prayer like this,
a prayer to solve the worries, hurts and struggles
of all who come and ask:
"Will you say a prayer for me?"

But there is no magic fix, Lord,
no special combination of right words
to bring an instant end to all the troubles
every one of us must face...

The answer lies within the prayer
that rises from each heart up to yours,
the prayer that groans and cries its way
from deep within
(or rises up in silence, wordlessly)
until it finds its place in you,
in your gracious, loving, saving care...

And so we plead for one another, Lord,
and hold each other close and trust
you'll hear the prayer we make
and in your kindness answer us
and in your mercy be with us
and in your goodness stay with us
while we wait upon your word...



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