Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 8/4

you're a friend who never forgets me,
a teacher whose word instructs me,
a trainer who makes me stronger,
a doctor who heals my soul,
a coach who improves my abilities,
a word whose truth enlightens me,
a mentor whose wisdom guides me,
a chef who feeds my hunger,
a lover whose passion saves me,
a harbor whose shelter secures me,
a mother who tenderly holds me,
a nurse whose attention restores me,
a companion who walks beside me,
a brother who watches my back,
a fort whose walls defend me
a path whose peace preserves me,
a ruler whose law protects me,
a father who gives me a blessing,
a counselor who understands me, 
a guide who guards my every step,
a prophet who sees right through me,
a judge who has mercy upon me,
a sister whose care is enduring,
a master who gently reproves me,
a servant who saves and sustains me,
a spirit who lives within me,
a redeemer who offers his life for me...

You're my Lord,
O God,
and you love me...



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