Praying through this week's meteor showers

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This week the heavens will give us the annual meteor showers known as the Perseids, peaking on August 12-13.  This year's showers will be especially visible because there's a new moon.  The less moon light, the clearer view we have of the shower of meteors.

This natural light show reminded me of a prayer written by MS, a regular reader here.  This is a prayer for searching the night skies...

I look up at the night sky
searching for the stars and the moon
looking for stability and hope,
for something to believe in

like my fears and the darkness within me
there's a vast gray above, hiding that hope,
those twinkling glimpses of light

help me to trust
in hope and faith and love -
when I cannot see it
when I cannot feel it

help me to find that strength
that is YOU inside me:
that light, that hope, that love...


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