Word for the Weekend: August 16

Lady Wisdom by Melanie Rogers

It's time to look at this weekend's scriptures for the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time and begin to prepare ourselves to hear the Lord's Word. You'll find the scripture readings and background material on them here and if you're bringing young ones to Mass with you, you'll find hints over here for helping them get ready to hear the Lord's Word.

The first scripture from the Book of Proverbs offers the beautiful image of Wisdom building a house and preparing a feast, calling all to be nourished at her table.  This week's installment of a series of readings from Ephesians gives more practical advice on Christian living.

Continuing the series of gospel passages from John in Year B of the lectionary, we find Jesus preaching and offering himself as living, saving bread come down from heaven and inviting us to be nourished by his body and blood. Of course, the Church has always understood these words of Christ through the gift of the Eucharist.

Make plans now for worshiping this weekend - and prepare for prayer by pondering the Word...


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