How a Christian might pray on Rosh Hashana

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How's a Christian to pray on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year?

Well, we all know the New Year's routine: 
   looking back on the old year
   and making resolutions for the new year...

Feel like nothing's changing in your life? 

Just the same old same old?

This video (only 2 minutes) offers some Rosh Hoshana wisdom to nourish people of any faith.

So, especially if you think nothing's changing in your life,
pause here today to reflect and to pray...


   help me patient with myself...

Help me be patient with how I'm growing,
   how I'm changing and how long it takes...

Help me know the roots I'm putting down 
   even if I don't yet see the growth above ground...

Water me with your grace, Lord,
    to help me grow as you would have me grow...

And when the time comes for me to grow like the bamboo,
   give me the courage I'll need to reach for the heavens...



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