Monday Morning Offering: 9/21

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Been thinking, Lord, 'bout all I have
and how I hoard and hold so close
some things I should let go...

It's time to take some inventory,
time to name the things I cling to:
help me, Lord, to name them
and the grip they have on me...

I offer you, Lord, my time:
the minutes, the hours and the days
I want to keep all to myself...
Help me let go my grip on all the time
you give me to be close to you in prayer,
to be there for for my neighbor,
to share the gifts you've given me...

I offer you my theories and opinions,
my speculations and positions:
all my ways of determining
what's true and what is not...
Help me let go of thinking my way
is the only way...
Help me see the world around me, Lord,
through your eyes
and through the eyes of others
whose paths and troubles cross my own...
Help me see more than my own eyes see,
know more than my own mind knows,
think beyond what my thoughts tell
and believe beyond the limits of my doubt:
help me know your truth, Lord,
and help me know it well...

And I offer you my resentments, my grudges,
the chips upon my shoulder,
and the anger I hold tightly:
loose my grip on these
and lift their burden from my heart...
Lighten the load I carry
when I won't let go hard feelings
and I nurse the hurts I keep...
Free me from attachment to bad memories,
stale disappointments and old grief...
Take away what keeps me
from shouldering your spirit's yoke of love...

I offer you my anxieties, Lord,
the ones I cling to in my fear
the ones that keep me from the peace
for which I hunger and I thirst...
Help me see how fear befriends me
and tempts me to believe that fear is all I'll ever know...
Heal my fears and help me find
and help me welcome, Lord,
your presence and your peace...

I offer my possessions, Lord:
the things I hoard for no good reason,
the money I save while others are in need,
the stuff I buy that I don't need,
the things I waste while others want...
Change my vocabulary, Lord:
less me and mine,
more you and yours
and so much more of ours...

My mind and heart are cluttered, Lord,
with things much better shared or given,
left behind or cast away,
disposed of or forgotten...
Help me let go, Lord,
especially when I cling and hold
what's less than
good and pure and true and just...

I cannot give this all away today, Lord,
but help me let go something - today -
to free me for tomorrow, for the week ahead
and for seasons yet to come...

I offer all I need to let go of, Lord,
and pray you'll fill me
with all I truly need...



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