Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/1

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of these twelve days:
for time away, for rest and peace;
for a wedding's joy;
for quiet hours, for prayer and reflection;
for time with friends and new friends made;
for time alone, time with you;
for beauty all around me...

Let me take nothing for granted, Lord:
make my heart aware and grateful for all your gifts
on vacation and at home, in my work and in my rest;
when I'm very much at peace and when I have no peace;
when I know you're at my side
and when it seems you're far away...
remind me that in all these times your gifts are mine
if I but trust in you
and open wide my eyes to find them...

Thank you for the gift of these twelve days, Lord:
give me grace to hold them in my heart and in my mind
and especially in my memories
as vacation fades away...

Thank you, Lord, for this time away:
may the rest and peace I've known
make me strong for all that lies ahead...



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