What's a soul?

 I spent the evening with the groom's family and the centerpiece at the table was a shallow bowl containing one of the leis given to everyone at the rehearsal dinner and the white lei worn by the groom's father at the wedding liturgy.

Around these beautiful flowers I had a great conversation with the groom's dad, his sister from France who now lives in India, and a neighbor of the groom's family.  Our repartee began with some discussion of the movie Ex Machina and brought us to a discussion of what it means to have a soul.  My particular interest in the conversation related to preaching the gospel to a generation of young people whose understanding of, belief in and appreciation of the human soul might be... well, that was the question - what would it be?  what is it?  I look forward to continuing that conversation when I get home.


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  1. So what did you say? What is a soul? Surely that's worthy of a post.

  2. Faith, I do plan to follow up on this after I return from vacation.


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