Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/8

When I returned from vacation I discovered my car's battery was dead.
I called AAA and within an hour I got a jump-start and an hour later 
my battery was recharged, my car's engine humming! 
Sometimes I feel like my own personal battery has run down -
perhaps you sometimes feel the same?
Time to pause and pray...

I need a jump-start, Lord,
and I'm calling on you
for road service....

I need energy
where I have none...

Without your power
I'm powerless...

I need your grace
where I've lost my connection...

I need your juice
to spark me to life...

I need your drive
to get me going again...

I need you, Lord!

I need your energy and power,
your juice, spark and drive
to jump-start my spirit
from its idle, listless lethargy
back to life, movement and get-up-and-go!

Hook up the cables of prayer
and connect me to your Spirit's current...

Reconnect me with your word and truth,
with your heart's most vital voltage...

Jump-start my soul
and charge me with your power, Lord:
get me going once again to walk your path
and do your will...



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1 comment:

  1. This has been a "jump start" week......and the beat goes on. What a wonderful reminder. Road service is ALWAYS available!


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