Night Prayer

(Many readers began their day with my Pause for Prayer.  Here's a prayer to close each day and I'll post it on my sidebar for easy access.)

Day is done, Lord...

The sun has set
on this day's joys and troubles
and on tasks undone,
waiting for tomorrow...

For this day's best
I praise you
and for this day's sins
I pray your pardon...

Grant me blessings
for a peaceful night
of deep, refreshing sleep,
of dreams to hold me safe...

Send angels, Lord,
to sweep away my worries:
fears that fill my mind
and haunt my soul...

Stand guard with all
who through this night
keep watch to hold the world
in safety and in peace...

Now day is done:
be with me, Lord,
and those I love,
'til the sun rise yet again...



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