Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 11/13

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Help me, Lord,
to embrace what peace I have,
to wrap my arms 'round every joy
that comes my way:
large, medium and small...

Help me, Lord,
to see the good, the true, the best
in others and in me
and to cling to it
with all the strength I have...

Help me, Lord,
to trust each invitation
to your mercy, to your love,
and to follow where your Spirit leads,
wherever that may take me...

Help me, Lord,
to cling to every moment of your grace
and not too quickly turn
to follow where my fears and past
might beckon me to go...

Help me, Lord,
to walk the darkest valley
knowing, trusting, sure that you are there
to lead me and to guide me
to the peace I want so much...



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