Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/24

Thanksgiving's just a few days away, Lord,
and I want to be ready on Thursday
to thank you for all I have,
for all you've given me,
for what I have in abundance...

I want to remember the ways
you've helped me since Thanksgiving,
just last year...
Help me remember, Lord,
when your strength, not mine,
got me through the really hard times...

Help me remember
how, in your love,
you never left me alone...

Help me remember
your gift of your mercy
each time I strayed from your grace...

Help me remember
how each time I prayed
you were there to listen, to hear me...

Help me remember
the times I moved on
past things I thought I’d never survive...

Help me remember
you stayed by my side
when it seemed no one else was there...

Help me remember
each one who loved me:
family and friends at work and at school…

Help me remember
who protected and served me,
whose names I don't even know...

Help me remember
the most basic gifts:
food, water, warm clothing, a place to live...

Help me remember and be grateful for,
my vision, my hearing, my sense of touch
and all the good things I smell and taste…

Help me remember
the clean air I breathe,
the beauty I see and the music I hear...

Help me remember
the freedom that's mine
in the nation I call my home...

Help me remember
what I take for granted:
open my eyes to what I’ve missed...

Help me remember
the gifts I've forgotten
and the folks I've forgotten to thank...

Help me remember how all good gifts
come from your hand,
from your heart to mine,
to be shared...

Help me remember
and never forget
how many the reasons
I have for thanksgiving...

Help me remember, Lord,
help me remember,
lest I forget...



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1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this powerful post...Thank you for helping me "remember"...Thank you for this prayer that has fed my soul and spirit! Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you peace and joy, Marie


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