Jar of Blessings

Jar of Blessings

1) Get a jar.  A big jar.  An empty jar.  Or big, empty glass vase.  Or a big, clear cookie jar. 

2) Make a label that says: Blessings 2016, or something like that.  Masking tape or a Sharpie will do the trick here.

3) Once a day (at least once a week), sit down and think of the blessings that came your way that day (or that week).  This is an important step: we miss a lot blessings because we don't take time to look for them!

4) Write down the blessing on a scrap of paper - nothing fancy needed here.

5) At the end of the week or the end of the month - or whenever you need a lift! - open up the jar and read through a few of your blessings.  AND... at the end of the year, treat yourself to a grand review of a whole year of blessings!

6) Say a little prayer, thanking God from whom all blessings flow.

Personal Endorsement:  I do this.  It's easy.  It works.  It helps!


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