Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/11

the jolly jingle's all around -
but not in every heart...

Red and green are everywhere -
but some folks
just feel blue...

The rushing 'round to buy and wrap
lonely souls...
Plans for Christmas eve
leave out
all those who'll be alone...

This merry month will be
for some
the hardest time of all...
Then, help me, Lord, I pray...
Help me hear
the tears that fall
as Christmas bells are ringing...

Let me see
the shades of blue
that cloud a neighbor's joy...
Help me wrap my love
to share
with those who'll be alone...

On hearts that ache and know
the pain
this season often brings,
let your touch come
with grace to heal,
with peace, on Christmas day...
If this prayer describes someone I know,
   how will I reach out to that person this Christmas? 

If this prayer describes me,
   how will I respond to those who reach out to me?

Or am I a person who needs to reach out to others
   while welcoming others' gracious gestures?


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