Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/4

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Twenty-five years ago (with the Wood Harbor Ensemble and St. Ann University Parish Choir) I recorded One Voice, Rachael Burckardt's haunting Advent song.  Today's Pause for Prayer follows after the video.  (The image of a "voice crying out in the wilderness" is featured in this coming Sunday's gospel.)

Let's pause and pray...
Your one voice calls me, Lord:
you speak to my heart
in my life's wilderness,
in all its dry and barren places...

You call me by name
to prepare a way for you
to come and make of my desert
a lush and blooming garden...

You call me to change
my desires, my habits, my ways,
to clear a smooth path
for you to come and dwell within me...

You call me to make peace
where I am, where I live,
where I work and where I rest:
from day to day, a day at a time...

Of all the voices 'round me, Lord,
help me hear your one voice calling me
to make a way, a place for you to dwell
deep within my soul...



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  1. Absolutely lovely! Thank you for this gift from out of the past.



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