Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 12/13

In these days before Christmas, we might find ourselves surrounded by the happiness of others who seem to have a joy in their hearts we have trouble finding in our own.  When it's hard to find the joy, difficult to rejoice, we might pray this way...

I will rejoice, Lord -
in every joy I've ever known...

I will rejoice in joy forgotten:
help me remember and savor it...

I will rejoice in the simple joys of youth,
even if my youth was not always joyful...

I will rejoice in the good times:
let me not forget them or lose them
among my lesser memories...

I will rejoice in hope that has lifted my spirits -
even when hope left me disappointed...

I will rejoice in those who love me:
family and friends and each kind stranger
whose path has crossed my own...

I will rejoice in knowing, Lord,
that you want me to be happy
in mind and heart, in peace...

I will rejoice in knowing you forgive me, Lord,
each and every time I fail and fall
and turn to you for pardon...

I will rejoice in all the second chances
you've so generously granted me
and all the new beginnings I have known...

I will rejoice in knowing that even when I'm sad
your gifts of peace and joy are still there for me,
waiting for me to find them..

(Help me claim what joy I've turned away
when I was hurt and angry, Lord
- or sinking in self-pity...)

I will rejoice in knowing
that all shall be well, Lord,
that all shall be well,
that all manner of things shall be well...

I will rejoice in Christmas,
in the story of the Child,
born to be my greatest joy...

And at all times, Lord, in good and in bad,
I thank you for the joy
of simply knowing that you love me...

I will rejoice, Lord,
I will rejoice and give you praise,
I will rejoice!


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