Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 12/29

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I'm still winding down from Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day
and a busy weekend, Lord.
There was so much to do, so many people to see,
so much to focus on
- and so much to distract!

What was it like on the first Christmas
after the shepherds went back to their flocks,
the angel choir returned to heaven
and Joseph and Mary headed home,
back to Nazareth?

Like every Christmas since the first
I guess that after all the excitement,
then things began to return to normal.

Mary and Joseph carried you on their journey home
to where you'd grow up and learn to walk and talk
and play with the wood shavings in the carpenter's shop.

For some 30 years, Jesus, Lord,
your life would not attract too much attention...

I wish I could be that patient...

So, help me be content, Lord,
with the valleys that come
after peaks of emotion...

Help me be content with going home
and being about the work that's mine
and all that's so very ordinary...

Help me be content with growing,
a day at a time,
in your grace and in your Spirit...

Help me be content with waiting,
as you did, Lord,
for the moments when it's time
to do what I must do,
to speak what I must say,
to go where I must go...

Help me be patient
with the ordinary simplicity
of my everyday life, Lord,
and in it, help me find you
and all you have to offer me...



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