Monday Morning Offering: 1/18

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

From the depths of your heart, Lord,
   help me overcome my prejudice,
   my bias and my bigotry,
   my narrow-minded thinking
   and rash judgments...

With the grace of your mercy, Lord,
   help me overcome my selfishness,
   my jealousy and greed,
   my pride and self-importance,
   my careless disregard of others' needs...

With the power of your Spirit, Lord,
   help me overcome my laziness,
   my lustful thoughts and longings,
   my apathy and envy
   and my ungoverned appetites...

 With the justice of your word, Lord,
   help me overcome my tendencies
   to stretch the truth, to cheat and lie,
   to take what isn't mine,
   to deny what's due to others...

 With the power of your love, Lord,
   help me overcome my fears,
   my worries and anxieties,
   my doubts and my uncertainties,
   my lack of trust in you and others...

With the strength of your arm, Lord,
   help me overcome what keeps me down,
   what holds me back,
   what slows me up,
   what locks me in...

With all you have to offer, Lord,
   help me overcome what keeps me
   from your presence and from prayer,
   from your mercy and compassion,
   from your love, your peace and joy...

From the depths of my heart, Lord,
   I offer you this prayer, 
   my need for your help
   and my trust you'll hear and answer me
   in ways and times that you know best...



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