Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/7

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As the Christmas season nears its end
I'm grateful, Lord,
for the many presents I received,
especially those simple gifts delivered to my heart
and opened in my soul...

I'm grateful for kind words penned
and sent upon a Christmas card...

I'm grateful for emails
noting how our Christmas worship
touched so many hearts...

I'm grateful for the coming home
of those I haven't seen for quite some time:
how good to be together once again...

I'm grateful, too, for gatherings with friends
to celebrate the season and your birth...

I'm grateful for the last few days
of rest and relaxation: time shared
with friends across the Sagamore...

Most of all I'm grateful for you, Lord:
for your birth among us,
for your Word becoming flesh
and dwelling in our midst...

Such gifts, though gratefully received,
are more than I deserve, Lord:
make me generous in the year ahead
as you have shared with me...


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