Pause for Prayer: 2/13

Lent Mercy 2016

On several days a week during Lent you'll see the image above when our Pause for Prayer will focus on how we might "clothe ourselves in mercy."   If you'd like one of the pocket Crosses with the verse about mercy, click here.   For previous posts in this series, click here.)
I'd like to clothe myself in your mercy, Lord,
but I'm guessing that first I'll need to name
how and when and and where and why
I need your mercy.

I'll need to name my weaknesses and faults,
my wrongdoing and my sins...

I know I'm not a saint, Lord 
so why's it so hard for me to call myself a sinner? 

I know I'm not perfect,
so why's it so hard for me to admit my mistakes?

I know I need to make some changes,
so why's it so hard for me to start to make them?

Of course, I'm pretty good at noticing
my neighbor's faults and flaws,

but I'm so often so blind to my own...

This Lent, Lord,
help me look at myself
and look at myself honestly...

Help me take a personal inventory
and see myself as you see me...

Help me stand in the light of your truth
and see my own faults and weaknesses:
help me see how I've failed you,
how I've failed my neighbor,
how I've failed myself...

Help me see my need for mercy
and confess what needs your pardon,
that you might clothe me in your mercy, Lord,
and free me from my sins...


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