Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/25

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Sometimes, Lord,
I think of all you carried
on your shoulders
on the Cross...

I try to imagine,
although I can't,
the weight of humanity's grief
heaped upon your shoulders
and heavy on your heart...

But I know without a doubt
how blessed I am
that my own grief and sorrow,
the weight of all my faults and sins,
was not too much for you to bear
and that you bore it
out of love for me...

What a gift then, what a grace,
to carry on my shoulders
and hold within my heart
the burdens others share with me,
a weight I gladly bear...

What a blessing, Lord,
to bear another's burdens,
to take upon my back
the precious weight
of someone's troubles, fears and worries...

What a blessing, Lord,
that you're still there
with shoulders broad and heart wide open
helping me to bear not just my own
but, too, my neighbor's grief and sorrow...

What a blessing, Lord,
to shoulder and to bear
another's burdens,
remembering all the while
how you have carried mine...


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