Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/23

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Lord, it's the second week of Lent
   and for these 40 days I'm giving up ___________

Whatever food or drink,
   whatever pleasure or activity I've given up,
      I want to do so for good reason and a good cause...

In giving up something that's had its hold on me,
   I want to be freer to be held by you...

May my fasting disturb and unsettle
   my comfort and contentment,
      my unobserved self-serving habits...

Through my going without, help me grow closer
   with you and with those around me,
      especially those in need...

May my fasting not feed my pride
   but rather humble me
      before you and my neighbor...

Let me not make a scene of what I'm doing:
   as much as possible let my sacrifice be quiet,
      between you and me,
         not something for others to see...

In the emptiness fasting creates,
   keep me from looking for and finding
      new creature comforts to fill the void...

May my "fasting from" give me "freedom for"
   praying, sharing, helping, serving, discerning,
      refocusing, reconciling and repenting...

Let fasting heighten my senses 
   and make me more aware 
      of what’s going on around me,
         of what's happening between you and me...

Let my fasting sharpen my vision
   to see temptation for what it is
and learn to recognize it when it comes,
   in any shape and form...

And if my fasting saves me money,
   open my heart to those in need
      to share with them the fruits of my fast:
let my hunger, thirst and emptiness
   fill others with good food and drink
      and shelter them from winter's cold...

Help me bring my fast to prayer, Lord,
   that you fill the empty place within me
      with the bounty of your peace and presence...

In the stillness of my prayer, Lord,
   help me ponder the emptiness fasting brings
      and open my mind, my heart and my soul
         to how you feed and fill me with your love... 


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