My surgery went very well on Friday and I was discharged from the hospital on Sunday afternoon - I'm home now getting rest and building up my strength. So many are asking how they can help me. Truly, my needs are very simple right now: rest and fluids! My diet is a very strict one for the next month and everything needs to be of a particular kind and measurement so (with help from two people) I'm staying on that plan and can't deviate. I have more than enough books and movies (and Netflix) to fill many months of rest. No rides needed at the moment - but I know I can call on many should the need arise. Here's something everyone CAN do: pray that I get used to taking my meds in crushed form over red jello - what a way to spoil perfectly tasty jello! Once again, thank you all for your prayers, support and love!

Every day, even hour by hour, I'm more certain and confident that this was the right choice to make - and I look forward to the difference this will make in my life!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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  1. Lots of prayers being sent your way. May God keep you in His loving care.


  2. Very brave step Austin... prayers from Ireland. Similarly challenged and contemplating your decision for Bariatric surgery.

    1. Be in touch, Tom, if I can assist in any way.


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