Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 3/5

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I look for you on the hard days,
the sad days, the down days
when I need to know you’re there,
when I need your help
to lift me up…

And I look for you on the good days,
the joyful days, the happy days
when I lift my face to you
in praise and thanks
to tell you just how grateful
is my heart…

So, help me, Lord, to look for you
on ordinary days, on plain days, the many days
in between the hard and great,
when I need to be reminded of the happy times
and strengthened for the hard times
I know will come again…

Help me find you on the plain days, the average days,
the days when I’m most likely
to forget you, to miss you, even to ignore you:
help me find you, Lord, in ordinary times
for there’s not a day or night
when I don’t need you by my side…


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