Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 3/13

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There are times when it may seem that God is deaf to my prayer,
that he has turned his face away from me, unresponsive to my needs...

Of course God is not hearing-impaired and always hears my prayer,
never lets me out of his sight
and holds my needs close to his heart...

But God acts in his own time
on a clock whose face I cannot clearly read...
So, I continue to pray, to cry out to the Lord,
trusting that my prayer is never in vain...
I come to you today, Lord,
afraid that you're not listening to my prayer,
that you've turned your face away
from me and from my troubles...
But still I cry out,
still I pray for you to turn and hear my plea,
bend down and dry my tears
and show me once again the beauty of your face...
If I but see your face
then I'll know that you see mine
and I'll trust again your care for me
and for my cares and troubles...

While I wait for my time to be your time,
I'll trust that you are there
and that even now you hear me,
even now you're moving, within and around me,
working to bring me the peace I long for,
the peace I pray for,
the peace that you have promised...



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