Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 4/30

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I met with, bumped into and crossed paths
with many people yesterday:
different kinds of encounters
with different kinds of folks...

And even during the parts of the day
when I was all alone
I crossed paths with others
in my mind and in my heart...

And each one I met,
each one I bumped into,
each one whose path crossed mine
was you, Lord...

You met with me, you bumped into me,
your path crossed mine
in the lives of everyone I saw
and everyone I thought of yesterday...

So, I hope I greeted you warmly, Lord,
I hope I treated you kindly,
I hope I spoke to you in a friendly way,
I hope I listened to what you had to say,
I hope I dealt with you fairly,
I hope I gave you all the time you wanted,
I hope I helped you in any way I could,
I hope I gave of myself to you
generously, gently and graciously...

And if in any way I failed to greet you
as warmly and honestly as l might have
then I hope to do better today
when I meet you and bump into you,
when my path crosses yours



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