Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 4/7

Dear God,

I'm sure you have in mind a plan for my day
and I'd guess your plan includes:
some things I might be slow to take on,
some things I haven't thought at all of doing,
some things I've been avoiding for a long time,
and some things I want to do but don't know how...

Give me the strength and courage I need
to take on the tasks I'm slow to assume
and help me get done
what you have in mind for me to do...

Give me some ideas, some insight, some wisdom
to help me see, help me discern
the things you ask of me that haven't crossed my mind:
open my eyes and ears and heart
to help me see where you're leading me...

Give me the honesty and self-knowledge I need
to do the things I've been avoiding for -
well, for quite a while now:
nudge and push me to accomplish
what I keep putting on the back burner...

And give me, Lord, the ingenuity and intelligence I need
to figure out how to achieve the good I have in mind
to share with others from my abundance and my need,
to make happen what I know you'd have me do and say
this day...

I'm sure you have a plan in mind for my day, Lord:
help me know it,     
help me want it
and help me do it...




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