Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/24

(I wrote and posted this over a year ago but I'm
putting it up again because so many are carrying
so much...  and need a break! 

Folks ask me, Lord,
(they ask me all the time)
to pray for them...

Some are sick,
some need work,
some are grieving,
some are lonely,
some confused
and some not sure
of how to pray themselves...

So, I pray for them, Lord,
all the time,
I pray for them...

But today, Lord, I want to pray for folks
whose hearts are burdened more than most,
whose plates are piled high with with cares,
whose problems come in bunches...

I pray for folks who try so hard
but just can't seem to catch a break
- through no fault of their own...

I pray for folks down on their luck,
who wait a turn that doesn't come,
whose hope is wearing thin...

For folks for whom things don't work out,
who try and try again and don't give up:
for these I pray...

For those who seek another chance,
another opportunity to move ahead,
for these folks, Lord, I pray...

For those who strain to hear
a word of comfort, some good news,
a bit of joy - for these I pray...

So, Lord,
could you cut my friends some slack?

That's what I pray today...

I pray you pierce their darkness
and the clouds that overshadow them
till your bright light shines full upon their hearts...

I pray to know the words and deeds,
the ways that I might offer help,
to lift up those bowed down...

I pray a generous share of peace,
serenity and blessings
on those who need them most...

Be their shelter, strength and refuge, Lord,
the answer to their prayers 
- and mine for them...



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1 comment:

  1. Thank you -- I certainly fall into one of those categories at this point!

    As for praying for you -- keep up the good work, both in ministry and health. You are awesome!


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