Monday Morning Offering: 5/9

Photo by CP

Good morning, good God!

I don't know what you're growing
at the back door of my church -
I only know that just a week ago
there was only dark brown mulch
and now there's fresh green life sprouting up,
promising something new and beautiful,
something more to come...

And all in a week's time, Lord,
even though the weather's been gray and cold:
lots of rain and very little sun -
but no problem for you, the master gardener!

So this morning, Lord,
let me offer you the soil of my soul,
the earthiness of who I am
and I pray that what you've planted there
will rise up through the mulch of my existence
and sprout with new life, born of you,
promising - well, I don't yet know what! -
but promising something new and beautiful
because whatever it is,
it comes from your hand...

Let my rainy, cloudy days
water what you've planted in my soul, Lord,
and let the light of your love draw up from deep within
the best of what you've planted
in my mind, my heart, my body and my soul...

Keep me watchful day by day
for what may blossom in my life this spring,
for what new life you'll bring to bloom
as you garden with your grace
in the soil of my soul...



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