Pasue for Prayer: SATURDAY 5/7

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Sometimes, Lord, I don't know where to turn,
which path to take or what to do next...

What do you ask of me today, Lord?
   And will I respond?
Where would you have me go?
   Will I follow you?
What have you to give me?
   Will I accept it?

Open my heart this morning to your Spirit
to counsel and guide me,
to show me the path you'd have me walk...

Help me to trust you'll be at my side
from before I get out of bed in the morning
until after I fall asleep tonight...

Show me the path leveled by your wisdom:
guide me along a smooth road
where I won't fall or stumble...

And on the way today
help me take some time to rest
in the stillness of your presence
lest I forget, Lord,
that you're always by my side...



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