Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 5/24

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In my neighborhood yesterday
the skies were sunny and the temps in the 80's,
a taste of summer warmth
a week before the first of June...

I loved it, Lord!
I loved the sun, the heat,
the different feel of everything around me...

But then I got to thinking:
I know it won't be long
until the summer's hothouse days
find me complaining of the very warmth
I'm grateful for today...

I can be so fickle, Lord:
capricious, unpredictable,
impetuous in my response
to how the weather turns
and to many more important things
that shine upon or rain down on my days...

In the winter I'd give anything
to feel the tropics' sun,
in the summer I run from it
seeking air-conditioned comfort;
in the spring I think it rains too much
and in the fall I mourn
the trees gone bare
and summer's disappearance...

Let me learn to love the weather
and the seasons of your blessings, Lord,
so varied and so many...

Let me learn to love what each day brings,
what pressure systems, high and low,
may come up on my path and in my heart...

Let me learn to love the day that is:
not to pine for yesterday
or live in some tomorrow
but to live the day I'm living,
to keep it in today,
to accept the sun or clouds that come,
the cold or heat, the seasons' change
and know for sure on every day,
that it's the day
that you, O Lord, have made...

Help me learn to love the weather,
to trust your plans for me:
in season and, especially, out of season,
be Lord of all my days...



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