Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 5/11


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  1. Dear Father, I came across your blog about a month ago, have read it daily, and find that of late, I go to your comments of the day, before I read my daily scripture. It is now something I look forward to in my life, and have read some many times over. Today, your new comments are not hear yet, many hours after they are usually posted. I pray that you are not ill and not able to write. May God be with you and heal you quickly if you are. Also, God bless you and your skill to continue to write beautiful and thoughtful prayers for us to use and reflect on.

    1. Oops! I'm very well, thank you - just forget to hit "publish"- so I'm grateful for your checking in - and welcome to my readership, Mimihenry! (My middle name is Henry!)


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